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About Us

We are Tulazo

 The Tulazo brand was created in Venezuela in 2011 with the aim of marketing bows, headpieces, headband and other accessories for girls. It has grown in recent years and has been managed so far as and all communication and image was worked under that name until 2017 that began to be called Tulazo and be part of a TuLazo LLC.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We use raw material with the best confection and we have a variety of models.

We have custom design service for courtship, cotillions, etc. 

We have excellent delivery times.

Tulazo's products are out of the ordinary in terms of textures, colors, accessories and patterns.

Our Goal is Happiness

If you do not want to buy online in, we have a personalized attention through Instagram (@tulazocom) and by phone/Whatsapp/MSM on + 17862905487

You can also write to

All our Hair Bows and others products are handmade, so deliveries will vary based on the model and quantity of products ordered.

Do you have a store and would like our products to be in it? We delighted

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We are TuLazo LLC

Doral, Florida